Who Has the Highest Auto Insurance Premiums?

Michigan covered the checklist for costly auto insurance for almost 11 years straight. The state’s typical cost is nearly $3,000. When it concerns pricey vehicle insurance coverage premiums, Michigan is head and shoulders over the competition with a regular yearly fee of $2,878. This is a spectacular $489 greater than second-place Louisiana and a whopping 90% higher than the national standard of $1,517. In Michigan, vehicle insurance is three times greater than it performs in the most inexpensive state, Maine, which only costs $912 per year.

The top 3 most pricey states stayed the very same contrasted to in 2014. Louisiana came in second, and Florida ended up in third. Texas moved up to the 4th area, and also, The golden state is now the fifth most costly state in the country for a car insurance policy. There is a $910 distinction between the most expensive form and the number 5 state. That void reveals how costly Michigan is when it comes to the auto insurance policy.

There are various reasons that these states see incredibly high automobile insurance prices, whatever from unique insurance policy systems, high-density populaces, broad types of uninsured motorists, and pricey lawsuits. All of these factors increase premiums.